• Lumagen Radiance video processor

Lumagen Radiance Pro UltraHD Series

Lumagen Radiance Pro processing power, SD - Ultra HD in and out, 17x17x17 CMS, DARBEE DVP

This series of video processors enhances the award-winning family by adding support for 4k60 inputs and outputs, including HDCP 2.2. Winner of a CEPro Best of 2015 award, the RadiancePro offers up to eight inputs, and four outputs, plus a multitude of essential setup and calibration features. More than just an HDMI switcher, the Pro is considered by many experts to be an essential part of any quality home theatre.

Scaling quality again comes to the forefront with the advent of 4k projectors and televisions. Lumagen’s NoRing scaling provides the best quality scaling for 1080, 720, and SD, sources for 4k projectors and TVs. Unlike other scaling technology Lumagen’s NoRing scaling does not add “halos” around edges caused by the ringing in other scaling algorithms.

Reference quality colourimetry is an often-overlooked part of a quality home theatre. Automated audio room equalisation has become commonplace. In a trained calibrator’s hands the processor can provide automated video equalisation using third party calibration software, with more accuracy than the non-3D LUT based calibration employed by television and projector manufacturers. With the comprehensive 4913-point 3D LUT based colour management system you see what the director intended.

Other important features include the best quality anamorphic screen support for HD and 4k UHD sources without the need for an expensive anamorphic lens. Precise geometry adjustment including size, masking, and vertical keystone correction are also available. The processor’s Non-Linear-Stretch (NLS) feature allows the user to modify HD 16:9 sources in a user customizable way to fill an anamorphic screen. For 16:9 screens and TVs, an anamorphic image can be placed anywhere in the active screen area. Multiple output configuration memories allow for features such as day and night optimisation, and multiple displays or projectors in a single system.

The adaptability of the Lumagen Radiance Pro is second to none. Using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, the scaler can add hardware image processing and setup features long after installation with a simple software update. Just as 3D video support was added to earlier models years after introduction, the RadiancePro will be adding new features over time. One example is High-Dynamic-Range (HDR). The processor will allow features like HDR, and Rec 2020 colour space, to be viewed on older displays and projectors, to the best of the display or projector’s ability. The processor can even split the video and audio so current 1080p audio processors can be used with 4k sources.

Models and Pricing

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4240: 2 HDMI inputs, 2 processed HDMI outputs, 1U case - £4400
4242: 4 HDMI inputs, 2 processed HDMI outputs, 1U case - £4650
4440: 2 HDMI inputs, 4 processed HDMI outputs, 2U case - £5650
4442: 4 HDMI inputs, 4 processed HDMI outputs, 2U case - £5900
4444: 6 HDMI inputs, 4 processed HDMI outputs, 2U case - £6150
4446: 8 HDMI inputs, 4 processed HDMI outputs, 2U case - £6400
18Ghz dual input or output module - £300
3D LUT calibration - £300

Main Features

• Up to eight 4K60 Ultra HD inputs
• Up to four processed 4K60 Ultra HD outputs
• Inputs and outputs support HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.0, with HDCP 1.x or HDCP 2.2, at up to 4K60
• Outputs are independently programmable for video, audio, or both
• Modular I/O allows upgrading to new HDMI technology as it becomes available
• Proprietary Lumagen NoRing scaling
• DARBEE Digital Visual Presence (DVP) enhancement technology for up to 2K sources
• Vertical keystone correction
• Picture-In-Picture (PiP) and Picture-Outside-Picture (PoP) with 4K sources (future update)
• Supports complete processing of 2D or 3D sources on processed outputs
• 10 bit front-end, with 12+ bits in calibration pipeline
• Per-pixel SD/HD video deinterlacing
• 4913 point (17x17x17) CMS
• Rec. 2020 colorspace and HDR supported
• 21-point Parametric Greyscale calibration
• Anamorphic screen support for up to 4k sources with and without an anamorphic lens
• Supports complete processing of 2D and 3D sources
• Optional dual 12V trigger outputs (only on 444x)
• Rack mountable (2U/1U) case, with optional rack ears
• High reliability external power supply rated at 34 years MTBF by manufacturer


• Remote Control
• Universal power supply
• USB cable for updating
• Manual
• Limited 1 year warranty
• Optional 18Ghz input card(s)
• Optional 18Ghz output card(s)
• Optional rack ears

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  • Email: ivan@lumagenradiance.org